Step 1

Add 2 tsps. of powder in the top part of the fliter

Step 2

Fill the upper portion with 50ml of hot water and cover it.

Step 3

Let the Coffee brew for 15 minutes & decoction is ready in bottom part

Step 4

Mix it with 150ml of hot milk, add sugar for taste & serve hot Surprise Coffee to refresh your senses

BREWING COFFEE Is both SCIENCE+ ART = Ultimate Coffee

For brewing coffee ideal temperature of water is between 92°c to 94°c

But no need of thermometer! Boil water for 2 mins. Just count 1 to 10 before pouring into upper portion of coffee filter with powder.

Leave the lid open for 2 to 3 mins to enjoy the aroma of brewing coffee. Wait for 7 to 15 mins to get full decoction.

Use 1 : 4 ratio of decoction to thick milk and mix it get little froth. And sit back and sip to Refresh Your Senses with Surprise Coffee.

Important ratios: 1:5 for Coffee powder to Hot water

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