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You may all have already heard about as how our beloved coffee entered India. Baba Budan brought seven seeds and planted them in Chandragiri hills of Chickmagalur and rest is history. Today, In India South of Karnataka comprising one of the biodiversity hotspots, Western Ghats are major producers of coffee which are mostly exported. Though coffee is first known to be grown from mid of 18th century, it wasn’t used for local consumption as India is traditionally tea drinking nation.


Mrs. Sakamma, Nick named as Kaapi Pudi Sakamma one of earliest known person who contributed immensely for the local adoption and consumption of South Indian filter coffee (Kaapi) in India. At Surprise Coffee, we want to continue the Kaapi Legacies and offer highest quality coffee to consumers at affordable prices. Our coffee blends contain best quality green beans roasted to their full potential in state of art in-house roaster having in-depth knowledge of pleasant flavours and attributes. Later it is ground to specific grind sizes required for different cups to perfection.  Keeping in mind the freshness needed for the infamous bean that refreshes people across the globe, our flat-bottom coffee bags with front zipper allow easy product filling, re-sealability to maintain product freshness, along with strong shelf presence and space utilisation. In all, a perfect cup to Refresh Your Senses.

Olive Backed Sunbird

100% Arabica Coffee. This blend offers coffee lovers mild fruity flavour with roasted hazelnut notes.

Flavor: Fruit, Hazelnut

Greater Racket-Tailed Drongo

This blend offers coffee lovers honey with balanced nutty caramel feel. All round smoothness of Arabica with thick crema of Robusta for that satisfying cup of coffee.

Flavor: Honey, Nutty caramel

Red Whiskered Bulbul

This medium roast blend offers whole rich bodied mild fruity notes with nice crema for that perfect after-feel.

Flavor: Mild fruity, Rich bodied

Flame Baked Woodpecker

This is 100% Robusta Coffee. For people who wants strong earthy feel with dark chocolate nuts notes.

Flavor: Chocolate Nuts, Earthy
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